Today is my birthday, and given the fact I am moving inside my 50th year,


I was thinking that I was suppose to stop and think, at least before starting to feel too under pressure by age and start to acting as a stupidlike many do around my current age.

But when I stop and start to think I realize that whatever will happen in the future, so far I had a full life.

Full in all meaning and sense, full of joy, full of pains, full of friends and of traitors, full of loneliness, full of love, full of experiences, full of courage, full of thing to learn and in respect to Seneca “more I know more, I realize I ignore too much”.


So in respect to that, and in respect to my current feeling, I decide to shift my focus from planning my next years thinking on how to collocate myself, to a more global approach, compiling a list of whishes that could help me in leaving better the rest of my days.


When I thought to my first whish, I smile, and start to make joke on myself. My mind went back to the comedy with Sandra Bullock (great gnocca) Miss Detective, when she says “Peace for the whole world”.

But that it really is my first whish, because I cannot, really cannot accept that the human beings is so stupid to kill each other in general, and in wars in particular.

So here my wishes list for my next 50 years:

1) no more wars

2) no more states

3) no more fanatics of any kind (from religion to football)

4) I would like that each of us can stop 30 minutes every morning and think how to help someone

5) I would like that each of us try to find at least one person to help at month

6) I would like that the MEN OF POWER, realize how poor guys they are, thinking to have power, when they just try to compensate the fear of their death

7) I would like that we don't use/need the money anymore

8) I would like to have some international companies stop creating diseases just to sell the vaccine after.

9) I would like that those company stop to test their product on the people, especially in Africa, and say "we are sorry".

10) I would like that anyone realize the simple concept that a Company can sell time for service, but no one can sell his own life time.

11) I would like to see people in my country finally realize how great they are, and that they do not deserve what is going on right now.

12) I would like to be able to become older and see my planet blue and green

13) I would like to see doors without locks, everywhere

14) I would like to have the "Hurra' SAIWA" back

15) I would like to see that no one have to pay by is own in order to study



Honestly I have more and more to add but not now, and I think I will keep the others for the next 50 years after.

I would like to say THANK YOU, to all the ones that sent me the best whishes, thank you all, I know FB, skype and so on helps to remind it, but then is up to us to send the wishes.

Thanks to you all.


Last but not least THANKS to my wife, that is still in love with me, after all this time and knowing quite well what kind of asshole I am.



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