Last night I was out for dinner with some colleagues, and it was a nice one, including few discussions about work.

I wake up this morning at 4 AM and I had time to think about what we have discussed, and my own job.


The feeling I had and currently have, is that no place is perfect, no company could be perfect, but Pythian is not an abstract entity; it is compose by different people, with their ideas, opinion, way of working and living.


What we have in common is the passion about the work, the dedication, and the belief that what we do needs to be done in the right way.


Having different ideas is the way to grow, when we share them in constructive way, so being proactive is the key when we have to face different opinion and difficulties.


Pythian is growing; it is growing not only in number but also as a living organism, where each of us can participate and provide value.


We do not agree every time, that is normal, but we love what we do, and at the end we work to do it better.

If we identify that something needs to be change we accept that, ready to do it better the next time.


If I look around me, I see a lot of passionate people, some with a completely different mindset then mine.

In the three years I have being working in Pythian thing have change a lot, and I feel that I was part of this change, if I look to the future I see that we still have a lot to do, a lot of challenges to be involve with old and new colleagues.

Is in this moment that I realize how important is to be here NOW, and how exciting could be what we will face in the future.


On the other hand we are working so hard, that some time we forget it, we forget that we are Pythian, and how exciting this could be.


No matter if we do not all agree some time, what is important is to help each other to understand the difference and take the best from everywhere and everyone.


Pythian is not just a place for work where you can find very cool experts in different technology.

It is more and is growing every day, I feel part of it, I want to be part of it, because I want to be in this exciting journey and see where it wills bring all of us.

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