eye-of-god-in-blue-10First of all I should have wrote this in Italian, because English it is not my mother tongue and as such I will not be as clear as I would like, and probably I will not be able to use all the terms I am in desire to.

But if I write this in Italian I know that only one, may be two people will get what I am talking about. In English the hope is to have at least 4 or 5 that will be able to follow.







Normally in any book or article that talk about something complex, the final idea or conclusion is relegate to the end, while the whole write is mainly focus on explaining the reasoning that leads the writer to that.

I will not follow it, and in fact I will start with what should be the conclusion.


What about God

God doesn’t exist, easy as that, period.

Why God does not exist is another discussion. The first point is to understand a very easy concept, society culture, religions and history had taught us to think to God as something existing, but that at the same time it is over-existence.


So in some way we were lead to think that God, is some entity, existing but not as we do, existing in a different scale of time, space, dimension and realization.

God represent the point from which existence starts, from which all the things that are begin.

This with a very good level of generalization is the mantra that all the religions repeat to everybody from when the time starts.

Having spent 37 years studying religions, philosophy and science I can see that this common focal point is, to be explicit, bullshit.


If God is, then there is a moment when God is not. If God is the source of everything, then there must be a nothing that is not God, and so on we can review one by one all the pillars of almost all religions and find that the basic concept is mainly his own contradiction.

So what about God? If we stop to think to God as entity or as existing than we are on the right path. The hyper-idea of what is and what is not, of time and no time of potential and act, is what could be the more close definition of God, but given a definition will include something that can be out of it than the term is, again, not correct.


The hyper-idea concept is something difficult for the human mind to understand, because we are lead to think following a line of time. While here to feel what I mean you should perceive the time as a whole and not as a moment.

You can perceive the heat of the sun, but that is not the sun “per se” also if it is the sun.

The hyper-idea includes what it is and what it is not; given it hyper as such it is and is not at the same time, given time is and is not as well.

The hyper-idea (HI) must include all and exclude all at the same time. Just to clarify with a simple example. HI must include the Mr. John Smith existence, but at the same time if that Mr John Smith will not exists, it must include his not existence as well.

Is the IF condition that cannot be and must be at the same time.


Thinking about the Universe, our mind is lost after 1ms thinking to the concept of Universe, HI include and exclude any Universe not just one, but this is another discussion that is still relevant but if I continue we will go out of the track.


What is God? God exist and does not exist as well as our Mr John Smith. God to exist must include the Idea of John Smith, but at the same time must be also without it, or it will not be. In reality God is and is not at the same time for Mr John Smith.


The HI of God includes Mr John Smith, and excludes it. While God is for Mr John Smith and it cannot be not, this because Mr John Smith is a manifestation of the HI of God.

If you think to a sheet of a quad pad, God will be the sheet, Mr John Smith a single quad, this from the Mr. John Smith point of view. From God point of view, God is the whole pad with all the possible combination of the quad in it. From HI, and here is the point, there is not quad pad at all, and there are all at the same time, where again time is not and is.


From here we have three different concepts:

 1)   The hyper-Idea

 2)   God as idea

 3)   God as in relation with Mr. John Smith


We can understand the Mr. John Smith relation with God, and what the dependencies are. We can feel the Idea of God (as the heat of the Sun). We cannot in any way get close to the HI except as vague concept.

What is important for us is to relate ourselves with the God that we perceive as the rest of the single sheet. This because that is the only “dimension” we may relate to.

If a sheet looses a quad, the sheet will not be as sheet any longer, and that cannot be in the Idea of God.  At the same time the quad “does not exists” as such the Idea of the sheet is not affected by the lost because there is none.


But if the quad IS then it affect the sheet that must consider it, we can say that God exists only if Mr. John Smith exists, and God is in function of the quads that compose the whole quad pad.

So while as single quad we can relate only to God, as we perceive the sheet, as quads we all relate to the Idea of God so as pad. But that is as far as we can go, there is no way for us to reach the hyper-idea of God, which is the real dimension where God is and is not.


The reasoning express above is from some mind easy to catch, and for others absolutely impossible to follow. What is relevant is it will help us to better cover other topics related to what, is and/or is not our relation with God.


Ideas as self-determination, bad and good, existence and salvation are all to be considered under a different light, light that comes from us as part of the HI and nothing else.

At the same time concepts as religions, philosophy and science will re-arrange themselves, covering what they are suppose to cover and nothing more. What will be obvious is that the religion, no matter which, it will be drastically deflate to what it is for real.


Next article on self-determination and the Time concept.

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